Current invitations are in the mail, Minted designs have been submitted, our third round of samples is at the printer, and i FINALLY have a chance to get this blog off the ground!

A first blog post is always intimidating because while you aim to set the tone, you also have no way of foreseeing what the focus might turn into years down the road. Who knows, this could end up being a blog about fingernails or seaweed. Therefore, please forgive me as i ramble, post photos that make no sense, talk about my cats too much and blog while buzzed on delicious jalapeΓ±o margaritas. 

I figure Ill begin by giving a brief summary of the past 12 months and my journey into starting my very own design studio.

It all started when last July (2013) my boyfriend & I moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, bought a house, got a dog, merged our cats, eloped to Hawaii, had a state-side reception in Pennsylvania, and started two separate businesses. He helps me a LOT with mine, and i try to help him with his but it doesn't quite work because A) I annoy him  B) I'm obsessed with my own work and  C) i don't want to cut my fingers off (wood shop).   

A lot of people ask me about the name GubbaGumma, what exactly it means and why I chose it. GubbaGumma is actually a play on the words Gubbe Gumma, which are Swedish and mean "old woman" and "old man" respectively. They are endearing terms that usually go together as in the case of "awww look at that cute gubbe gumma" (what you might say if you lived in Stockholm and saw a cute old married couple walking down the street hand-in-hand). I chose this reference for 3 reasons: #1) i like the sound of it  #2)i love all things Scandinavian, and #3) I find nothing more romantic and special than elderly couples still in love! All of these things came together in my mind and made it very easy for me to settle on the name of GubbaGumma. It may be strange, but for me it's perfect.

In regards to the major life changes that my family has been through over the past 12 months, I suppose the biggest surprise was that I never knew how much work decorating and setting up a house actually is. The first 3 months of living here were spent SOLELY on painting, building, wallpapering, installing light fixtures and carrying around heavy furniture and boxes while sweating and complaining. After all of that work, however, I am very proud to say that the only help we have gotten on our house so far has been building a second-story deck and adding a kitchen island, both of which are so integral to our daily lives that i would have gladly paid double. Everything else in our house has been DIY DIY DIY!

A little bit about my past: I began my design career in art school and soon found myself immersed in the fashion industry doing everything from pattern making and perusing the aisles of fabric expos in paris to designing NY Fashion Week invitations. In the interim I always enjoyed creating special graphic projects for family and friends but I never had the time to start my own business. It wasn't until after we moved across the country and settled in a more relaxing environment that I decided to turn my passion into a full-time, 18-hour-a-day stationery business. I must admit I am EXHAUSTED, but i am also thrilled with our progress and so excited to work with amazing brides who are so happy to be in love and planning the most important day of their lives.

If you have perused this website, my Etsy site, Instagram or Pinterest account, Im sure you can tell by now that I have a pretty specific aesthetic...i just can't help it! This aesthetic is showcased throughout my home, personal style & invitation design. I love bright, happy colors and clean design everywhere i look! To me, nothing is more depressing than a drab home or monotone, contemporary design. I prefer to push boundaries and take risks in every facet of my life. I hope you agree and like my work!

Thanks for reading my first GubbaGumma blog post, and if you are even 1% as excited as I am to see what lies ahead for GubbaGumma I think I just might be on the right track.